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It takes years to achieve the kind of knowledge and understanding necessary to really be a full-fledged wine connoisseur. Well, it either takes years, or it takes a bank account that is large enough to purchase these nine must have wine gadgets and gizmos.


Wine Hive Modular Wine Rack

Price: $200

The best part about this light, strong, aluminum grid is that it is modular, so it can be adapted to fit basically anywhere.


Code38 Wine Knife

Price: $225

Don’t ever worry about a crumbly cork again–Code38’s screws are covered with a low-friction coating that allows them to grab onto a cork without breaking off a piece in the process.


Waring Pro Electric Wine Opener

Price: $29

Quiet and quick, this electric wine opener simply gets the job done–and the built-in battery can last up to 50 bottles of wine.



Price: $50

This stainless steel icicle is filled with a freezing gel that lowers white wine to its proper serving temperature. Even cooler, the cap has a spout that allows wine to be poured directly through it, which in turn allows the built-in aerator to speed up the breathing process.


Haier 12 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cellar

Price: $540

With two separate climate controlled zones, both red and white wines can be stored in this wine refrigerator without having to compromise the proper temperature of either.


Vinaera Electronic Wine Aerator

Price: $138

The Vinaera injects air into wine as it is poured, resulting in wine that tastes as if it has been breathing for the perfect amount of time. Don’t want to finish off the bottle? The Vinaera’s seal keeps wine fresh for as long as you like.


Major Scale Wine Glasses

Price: $65

Markings on each glass show you what note can be played if the glass is filled to that exact level. To be honest, these glasses are more for entertainment than oenophile practice.



Price: $299

Imagine being able to pour a glass of your favorite Pinot Noir’s best vintage without having to pop the cork–thanks to Coravin, you can. Attach the clamp, drop the pouring needle through the cork and into the bottle, and pump out the wine by means of pressurized argon gas.


Vivino App


Snap a photo of bottle of wine’s label, upload it to Vivino, and within seconds the app will generate every piece of information you could ever want to know about the wine–it’s history, the best vintages, and even what foods it pairs with best.