A longing for the road and the site of a yellow line disappearing behind us. The Harden story is life unlimited – an adventure where we search out places that make us realize how tiny we and our problems are. The perfect playlist on an endless road rolling seamless like a river. An afternoon walk for tea to an undiscovered block of Chinatown. A voyage inspired by not only the landscape, but the people met along the way.

Harden is a timeless collection, where luxury and comfort meet west coast style. Specializing in the finest Italian cashmere and fabrics from Loro Piana, Harden infuses classic clothing with innovative flair to make bold statements in subtle ways.

Made in LA, Harden is designed for the contemporary individual who demands only the finest in quality; one who applauds our limited series runs as an extension of their own individuality; a free spirit who wanders but is never lost; who travels but isn’t a tourist. Harden – luxurious comfort for the discerning individual.