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At The Factory


Yes … you read it right. This hotel features three beautifully appointed suites suspended 164 feet above the ground atop an industrial dockside crane. Arguably the most unique hotel in the world, and certainly the most expensive in the Netherlands, the Faralda Crane Hotel is designed for the true adventurer, who loves viewing the city while soaking in the oversized Jacuzzi perched atop the crane. With suites named the Free Spirit, Secret and Mystique, one can only imagine the fun that awaits. And if merely gazing at the sites from 45 meters above ground doesn’t get your adrenaline going, how about a thrill-seeking bungee jump with a “mega swing” of almost 300 feet and a free fall of “tens of meters.” From afar, it looks like any other industrial crane, but inside the hotel is pretty swanky. Where else can you sleep in luxury, dream of adventure, and then boast to your friends that you jumed off the top of your 164 foot hotel and lived to tell about it?