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At The Factory


Imagine if Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry were located on a hill in Hollywood, mere minutes from the Bowl, Madame Tussauds, and the Walk of Fame. Now imagine that Hogwarts housed five bars, a world class dining facility, and attracted polished and dapper individuals – both magical and non-magical alike – from across the globe. Difficult to conjure up? It’s okay – you don’t have to; just head to LA’s famed Magic Castle, home of all things mysterious. Not that getting in is exactly an easy feat. There are three avenues to gaining admittance to this hillside manor of wonders, the easiest being booking a room at the adjacent hotel. If you would rather not shell out $300/night for a room, your next best bet is befriending a member of the Academy of Magical Arts, who can then provide you with a guest pass for the evening. Of course, for die hard magic fans the only real option is joining the Academy, as either a Magician Member or an Associate Member (the most likely of the two routes). Once inside – by way of a bookcase that opens with the words “Open Sesame” – the Magic Castle is like nothing you have ever experienced. Built in 1908, the mansion has played host to the Academy of Magical Arts since 1963, and has looked essentially the same since then. Grab a cocktail and explore all 24,000 luxuriously appointed square feet, but make sure to make time for the Magic Castle’s raison d’être – the truly indescribable feats of what can only be described as unbelievable, riotous, extreme magic performed by top magicians in a host of different venues, from the Parlour of Prestidigitation to the Palace of Mystery. Whether you are celebrating your 21st birthday, your 75th birthday, or just the fact that it’s a Friday, the Magic Castle is truly the most fun and unique place in Los Angeles – just make sure to leave the cameras at home!