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At The Factory


This quintessential Italian restaurant is discreetly nestled between the Palisades and the far western tip of Santa Monica, it is known for its classic yet innovative italian menu, delicious meats and a beautiful infusion of truffles with their handmade pastas.  The dimly lit interior creates an inviting atmosphere for celebrities wanting to be in public while not being recognized — or at least attempt to — one might even consider it Rihanna’s second kitchen.  The impressive array of delicious appetizers ranging from Truffle Beef Carpaccio to Burrata Tricolore match perfectly with the delicious array of meats from Wagyu to Veal Rack Roast served 3 ways.  Luckily for foodies the hedonism doesn’t stop with the menu, the cooks have continued the tradition of delicious specials despite the death of beloved Chef Giorgio Baldi.  Once you dine here you will understand why Giorgio Baldi’s has attracted throngs of celebrity devotees.