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At The Factory


Anyone with even the slightest foodie predilections has no doubt either heard of or been to Gjelina, the standout farm-to-table small plates restaurant with a perpetually lengthy wait on LA’s Abbot Kinney Boulevard. Well, say goodbye to those hour-long waits forever, because Gjusta–a bakery by the same folks at Gjelina–has arrived. Housed in a former ceramics studio, Gjusta Bakery boasts exposed beams, copious natural light, seemingly endless white surfaces, and one of the largest open kitchens that we have ever seen. More than just a bakery–although the pastries, croissants, cakes, and pies are all top-notch–Gjusta feels like the love-child of a speciality cheese store and an upscale version of an East Coast Deli. Take a number–this being a spinoff of Gjelina, some wait had to be expected–and ponder what epicurean delights await. There’s a smoked fish counter–think gravlax, smoked trout, and oil-cured Japanese sardines–as well as a garde manger counter filled with cheeses, charcuterie, terrines, and pâtés. Don’t miss out on the incredible sandwiches–the prime rib with horseradish is simply good for the soul–and top it all off with a delicious fresh-squeezed juice. Either eat standing up at the bar or head outside to the patio, where instead of tables and chairs, diners sit on milk crates made into makeshift furniture. After one visit it was clear that Gjusta Bakery is one of Los Angeles’ best new eateries.


320 Sunset Ave

Venice, CA 90291