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At The Factory


If you are not from across the pond, you may not be familiar with the Bamford Family, the owners of the UK’s answer to John Deere. However, more interesting than the heavy equipment empire built by his grandfather and run by his father is the way in which George Bamford has built a name for himself in the rarefied world of luxury watches. Born with a penchant for fashion and art, George started the Bamford Watch Department, a unique company that specializes in the customization of already extravagant watches–think Rolex and Patek Philippe. With the mantra, “If you can imagine it, we can create it,” the Bamford Watch Department brings fantasy to reality by way of their watch customizer, a specialized program that allows customers to design every last detail of the watch of their dreams. Given the reverence with which many watch collectors tend to view the pristine nature of their collections, Bamford had to find a way to defy tradition while simultaneously paying homage to each brand’s history — a feat the company has done with great finesse. As with any customized luxury, Bamford’s watches are not cheap — the Rolexes start at around $13,000 — but at Harden, we believe that each watch is worth every penny.