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If you have a couple of hours free and $95 laying around, we here at Harden cannot think of a better use of said time and money than partaking in a Momofuku Milk Bar Baking Class. First and foremost, all participants are provided with cake, chocolate, cream fillings, and booze to snack on on while baking–enough said. As if that isn’t enough, the vast majority of the tedious prep work that goes into making the Milk Bar’s famous cakes and truffles is completed before class starts, so the class is really just two hours of building the confectionary delights while engaging in some light (or heavy) snacking and drinking. And the best part–that’s right, we haven’t even gotten to the best part yet–is that at the end, you get to keep whatever you bake! At $5 for a 3-pack of truffles and almost $40 for a cake, participants almost break even by the end of the class. Different classes feature different sweets–one day it might be crack pie, the next it might be the famous Milk Bar Birthday Cake–so we recommend biting the sugar-coated bullet and taking more than one. Whether you are a kitchen virgin or a master chef, the Momofuku Milk Bar Baking Class is the perfect way to spend a Saturday afternoon.


Momofuku Milk Bar

382 Metropolitan Avenue

Brooklyn, NY 11211