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Located deep in the pine tree forests of Lebanon, Paul Kaloustian’s “House in a Forest” is a highly unique structure that emphasizes the relationship between architecture, art, and nature. Taking advantage of the immense height of the forest’s trees, Kaloustian turned modernist architecture on its head, creating a home with a vertical visual identity rather than one that conforms to the modernist trope of meandering one story homes with flat roofs and vast overhangs. Despite the relatively small size of each room, the home’s vertical identity brings with it an almost shocking sense of openness. The curve of the towering concrete walls injects an intriguing and near-perpetual shadow play into the home, which in turn serves to further integrate the surrounding woods into the domicile. The “House in a Forest” is a masterful example of just one of many ways that old-school modernist architecture can be continuously reinterpreted and reinvented to achieve new and exciting visual statements.