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At The Factory


A longing for the open road and the romance of a distant horizon yet to be explored.  The Harden story is one of unlimited adventure and infinite possibility. The delight in seeing the sun rise over rolling hills, the freedom to savor the moment, to chase a dream, and to make the intangible tangible. 

Swirls of color, whimsical patterns, and refined textures coalesce in the purest of cashmere that is delicate, yet durable. 

Made in LA and specializing in the finest Italian cashmere from Loro Piana, Harden infuses classic knitwear with innovative processes and a celebration of color. 

Harden is a timeless collection, where luxury and comfort meet west coast style. Designed for the contemporary individual who demands only the finest in quality; one who applauds our limited series runs as an extension of their own individuality; a free spirit who wanders but is never lost; who travels but isn’t a tourist.