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At The Factory


While most New Yorker’s are lucky if they even have a laundry machine in their building, a select number of the city’s wealthiest denizens are reaping the benefits of ever-advancing amenities in the city’s most exclusive skyscrapers. NEF, a Turkish developer, is looking to build a 65-story, 700ft tall tower on E 37th St that includes five “clusters” of shared park space for residents spread throughout the building. That’s right–residents of this as-of-now still in the works skyscraper will no longer have to go outside in order to get some fresh air, play fetch with their dogs, or simply sit on a bench and stare at the clouds. Of course, there’s more–the building will also feature an art room, event rooms, a chef’s table, a private yoga studio, a fitness room, terraced gardens, an exterior jacuzzi, an outdoor cinema, an observatory, and a rooftop infinity pool with a(nother) terrace garden. Set to be completed in 2017, the super-skinny tower will house 65 apartments ranging in size from 400 square feet studios to 1,800 square feet entire floor spreads. While you will most likely never live in this building, you’ve got  to admit that it’s fun to fantasize.