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At The Factory


As larger and larger swaths of Downtown Los Angeles continue to undergo the process gentrification, small business owners from across Southern California have answered the area’s call for the trappings of modern urban living. Urban Radish, a specialty market and urban eatery located in the downtown Arts District, is no doubt the paragon of this transformation. While about half the size of a Trader Joe’s, Urban Radish still manages to feel incredibly spacious thanks to its soaring ceilings and sunny atmosphere. Perhaps in homage to the neighborhood’s history, the market is industrial in character, with concrete floors and exposed ducts–albeit much better lighting. Most importantly, Urban Radish is almost overflowing with organic, locally grown, and seasonal produce, off the beaten path cooking essentials, and the highest quality selection of meats. Of course, the market’s deli, serving up specialty meats and cheeses from across the globe, is not to be missed–at Harden, we recommend the delicious steak sandwich. Urban Radish is located at 661 Imperial Street, Los Angeles, CA 90021  213.892.1570