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Feed your sense of daring and adventure at this rooftop bar/restaurant overlooking Asia’s gem, Bangkok. Perched 61 floors above the city on the roof of the sultry Banyan Tree Hotel, Vertigo and its Moon Bar are tops for great views, and for trading the sub-zero climate of air conditioned bars for gentle breezes. They’re less good for staying dry in the wet season though, since there’s no roof. A chic open-air lounge popular with the cocktail-drinking glamour set and Amex carrying ex-pats, the restaurant does good barbecued seafood and boasts some excellent signature dishes, such as grilled sea bass with citrus salsa and cilantro. They grill a pretty good steak too, and there’s a decent vegetarian menu, but mostly you’re here for the drink and scenery. Take a seat at any of the white linen-covered tables and you’ll get a stunning view whichever way you turn. Bangkok’s cityscape, the winding Chao Phraya River and the soccer ball sun sinking below the horizon are best enjoyed with a glass of fine Cristal, or wine and cocktails. Their signature drink is the Vertigo Sunset Malibu, a splash or cranberry juice, plenty of pineapple juice and a squeeze of lime. The price tags are somewhat hefty, and there’s a dress code to keep the riff raff out – so no shorts, sleeveless tops or flip flops, but your Harden cashmere clothes will be perfect. There’s a telescope for stargazing and live jazz is laid on most evenings too. There can be few more romantic gestures than whisking your date up here for a glass of top notch bubbly high above the bustling streets of Bangkok–just check that they’re OK with heights first.